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aether forex community
aether forex community
aether forex community
aether forex community
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aether forex community

Would you like to learn & trade with experienced traders?


Our private trading floor it's now yours.... as part of our forex community you get access to our live trading room where experiencied traders share their positions, thoughts and profits with you automatically helping you improve your trading journey.

Would you like something better than just boring video courses?


Our community comes with not only 9+ recorded chapters but also a private group chat for texting and conferece calling so we can trade live together, not like conventional communities you get to learn and profit at the same time having exposure to traders on different levels.

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Built for everyone πŸ€

Our community was created by traders for traders. We understand how it can be extremelly hard to learn and be profitable on this market without the proper guidance and knowledge. 

  • Team Learning
  • Aggressive & Conservative
  • Technical Analysis & Psychological Analysis
  • Learn by Immersion into Trading Environment
  • Real Time Live Trading

10 Chapters Covering our Strategy πŸ“š

We didn't just want to record ANY TYPE of video for you to learn our technical strategy and psychological strategy so what we did was we created a A-Z type of timeline for you to watch and without knowing much about this market, you will be able to rapidly apply our techniques.

Live Exclusive Member Chat πŸ“²

We also thought very closely about our communication and to be honest, Telegram alone wouldnt cut it. We decided to go a step further and got a server for our own chat so we could make conference calling free for all of our members accross the globe.

Weekly Forex Trading Blog πŸ“

Willing to be of help with fundamental, technical and psychological analysis, we also make our analysis available for traders accross the web to utilize and possibly profit with us even though not being inside community. Every trader can benefit from the special content on our blog.

Not Your Regular Boring Blog πŸ€ͺ

Science says that our attention spam are less thn 30 seconds of full focus due to many "noise" specially online on the internet, so we decided to make our blog "reading" a bit enjoyable by making it a video and also writing our thoughts for those that can't watch it.

But We Also Have Telegram Channel πŸ™ƒ

Even though we like to engage with one another live in conference calls and live chatting, some times traders cannot follow closely as life gets busy sometimes, we created a channel where trades, information and analysis are sent without much texting so messages won't get burried.

Answers to Questions a Message Away 🀳

Being consumer of diverse amount of courses and contents in the forex market industry, we know how hard it can be to get your questions answered after you have purchased. We make it different! Have a question? Text us.

The Forex Trading Strategy



Trading Psychology 

Your psychology will  dictate your overall success within this market, we will make sure you clearly understand how to actually behave as a trader.


Risk Management

Knowing your numbers in and out is crucial for you to not over leverage yourself and fall into the most common trap traders get faced with.


Fundamental Analysis

Knowing how to apprach and position upon fundamental releases are crucial in order to make sure it alligns or contradicts your technical.


Technical Analysis 

One of the most importante aspects of your trading journey. We base our entries purely upon the performance of the price.


Deciphering the Trend

Knowing the overall direction of your particular pair is important for you to prepare for next possible movements.


Importance of Averages

The one and only indicator that we still use are the ones that will provide us with proper data in regards to only one specific metric.


Fibonacci Applicability

The market could not be different that any other creation within this universe, believe it or not, this mathematical sequence has some power...


Candlestick Structure

Candlesticks has its own language and your job as a trader is to learn how to properly read it so the market can tell you where it's going.


Become Professional

Making money it is cool but not the ultimate goal for many of us, working on our business owner side is crucial to make all more professional.

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Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

No Contracts. No Commitments. Month to Month Membership.

To make this a no-brainer for you, our team talked about how we could remove all risk and still focus on your ultimate satisfaction… and that was to ensure there were no contracts, no commitments, and we enter into a good-faith month-to-month agreement. 

This is our commitment to the transparency, focus, and commitment that you deserve. 

I already had a business mindset when I started my Forex Journey. Started 100% blindfolded to the analysis aspect of it, after participating and engaging inside the community with all the content in my hand it did not take long for me to see ROI.

Aian Rangel

Forex is a complex world with countless opportunities that present to you. Everything is personalized and excellent planned. From the basics of psychology and the analysis. I highly recommend the community to anyone that is ready to enter this world.

Sebas Moring

Not knowing much about the Forex Market, I convinced myself to embrance the unknown trusting my potential. Few weeks later after joining the commnunity I was able to start profiting from my own analysis and sharing thoughts with traders.

Megan Morgan

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